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Private Property

Wilsonville Oregon
Property Management

Here at StreetWise Property Management our property managers in

Wilsonville Oregon are here to help you and your investment be the best it can be. Residential or commercial it doesn't matter! Our knowledge and understanding of Oregon landlord and tenant law, StreetWise Will ensure that everything is done by the book. 

Communication is key with us here at StreetWise.

Our property managers strive to build a working relationship with our tenants and Owners so they know their property management company and will continue to communicate with them regularly, so they feel comfortable bringing anything to our attention.   

From the smallest task to the ones that seem overwhelming, no job is too small or too big for our property managers. StreetWise goes above and beyond expectations taking the everyday hassle of property management off your shoulders. you aren't just a number to us here at StreetWise.


 We understand that blood, sweat, and tears have been poured into the very foundation of your properties and we want to help you and your property investments grow. So let our property management team here at StreetWise help you and your properties reach their full potential.

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Clean and Clear, We Have Nothing To Hide!

No hidden fees, no fine print, we just want to save you time and money while watching your real estate portfolio grow! With experience in the field, we can reach out to multiple vendors to get the job done right, Sometimes with lower rates due to the relationships we have built over years of service. With StreetWise, we are offering more than just a property management service in Wilsonville Oregon. We are offering peace of mind knowing that your property and tenants are in the best hands possible when it comes to those critical moments!

StreetWise believes in being on the leading edge, And we know how hard it can be to make sure your properties are seen, StreetWise has you covered as we know with this day and age Technology is everything and having the ability to show the tenants the locations that they are looking for is key! This is great for the owner and tenant. Our Technology allows your rental to be shown on 70+ high-quality rental websites.

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 The best part is they can do so any time anywhere. With our professional real estate photography team, we can create full 360° virtual video tours, Mapping the entire floor plan with easy navigation! This opens up possibilities for tenants to commit to a set time for a tour. They may also be moving from out of town and want to make sure this is going to be the right fit. We can close these deals and want to be able to offer you and your investments every fighting chance we can to make sure your properties are seen and taken care of.

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StreetWise property management offers a hassle-free resident portal, easy communication with owners, vendors, and tenants. Making sure that we can communicate and take maintenance requests at any time. Residents will also have the ability to review their rental and lease agreements. They are also able to pay rent online making it easier for them to pay rent means it is easier for you to get paid.

Owners have a portal to track their investments as well. The fact is that StreetWise Property Management will make it easy on everyone, tenant and owner alike but especially an easy process for the property owner. The owner can sit back and be assured the property is in great hands, we limit liability and reduce the stress of being a landlord here at StreetWise.

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