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Private Property

Lake Oswego Oregon
Property Management

Here at StreetWise Property Management our property managers in

Lake Oswego Oregon are here to help you and your investment be the best it can be. Residential Property Management or Commercial Property Management it doesn't matter! Our knowledge and understanding of Oregon landlord and tenant law, will ensure that everything is done by the book. 

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Some benefits of hiring us as your Lake Oswego Property Manager

  • Fill vacancies

  • Advertise your rental

  • Handle tenant inquiries

  • Background and credit investigations

  • Application processing

  • Lease signing

  • Full service repair

  • Rent collection

  • Accounting

  • Coordinate Evictions


The main objective of our company is to help you get the best possible value for your investment.

The purpose of providing property management services is to provide owners of residential and commercial properties with a qualified tenant who will pay the highest rent and maintain the structure/grounds in a safe and proper condition.

This is how we can make our work more effective.

  • Upon completion of inspection, we will make recommendations to the owner regarding competitive monthly rent and conditions for care and maintenance.

  • Provide a written Property Management contract to clearly define the terms of the management agreement.

  • Advertise, show the property, and thoroughly screen each applicant (This includes a full criminal, credit (with FICO score), eviction, check as well as verifying income, past residences and references if applicable.


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  • Maintain necessary and agreed upon utilities while property is vacant. This includes turning utilities on and off into our name while the home is vacant and paying vendors and utility companies on your behalf.

  • Upon the tenant move in, do a thorough walk-thru of the home, sign the lease agreement and fill out necessary state required documents. Mail/email a copy of signed paperwork to the owner.

  • Regularly inspect the house and work with the owner and tenant to insure that the property is being maintained and cared for and that needed repairs are accomplished. We will provide bids if necessary for required repairs to the home and work closely with vendors to see that the job is completed.

  • Collect rent checks and security deposit on owner's behalf which are kept in a FDIC insured bank. Provide each owner a monthly financial statement.  We can also direct deposit your checks directly into your bank account or mail your funds to your address.

  • For your tenant's convenience we provide a 24-hour day rent drop box; we have a Property Manager on call after office hours, weekends, and holidays in case of an emergency; all maintenance contractors must meet strict standards to ensure the highest quality of work is being done.

  • All of our property managers are licensed with the Oregon Real Estate Agency.



Ways to keep our maintenance costs under control:

  • No in-house maintenance, only licensed and insured independent contractors

  • Estimates provided for owner approval on all repairs above the dollar limit YOU set

  • Full documentation by repairmen of any repair caused by tenant negligence or abuse, so that tenants may be held responsible

  • Online and printed support for tenants with instructions and recommendations on preventative maintenance Coordination of common problems over the phone when a repair person is not needed.


How we fill vacancies

Timeliness in placing qualified tenants is critical to your bottom line. When a 30-day notice is received, you must spring into action. Your office gets:

  • Immediate owner notification

  • Professional recommendation regarding rent amount

  • Professional FOR RENT sign placed at the property

  • All free advertising is immediately started when a notice has been received

  • Comprehensive use of the Internet, including craigslist, rentalhomesplus and many other sites, for maximum exposure

  • Showings that are flexibly scheduled to accommodate tenants

  • A thorough professional lease to safeguard your interests



Inspections are conducted by either a certified or qualified inspector, who will produce a detailed inspection report. At no additional cost, a photographic record is made at each inspection.

When we move in and out, when roommates move out, when tenants move in, and annually thereafter, we conduct general interior/exterior inspections of the property.

We are always here to help. All inspections are standard to our service and are provided at no additional cost to you.

We test heating systems, air conditioners, smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, grout/caulk, glass and screens, and other things; and if problems are found to exist, we can quickly implement corrective action. This policy ensures that unnecessary repairs will be minimized or eliminated.


Our Bookkeeping team for Lake Oswego Property Management usually sends money to the owners on or around the 10th of each month. They can send that money to you directly, or via direct deposit. This makes the tax process much easier for you and us. We’ll also provide you with a 1099 and cashflow/expense report every January.

Trouble with tenants?

No landlord is immune to delinquent tenants. However, there are people who specialize in evicting them and recovering possession of their property. Landlord Solutions, Inc. is one of those businesses that focus exclusively on this area of law. Our clients can rest assured knowing that we can complete all necessary forms and process all paperwork necessary to take back possession of their property. We are also experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of the law and know what needs to be done in court.

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